Pigeons & Planes'


Season 1

December 05, 2017

CyHi the Prynce Gets Interviewed by Puppies | Hounded

After years of waiting, 2017 was finally the year we got a CyHi album. The GOOD Music signee has been one of Kanye West's most trusted writers for years, contributing on everything from Cruel Winter to MBDTF, but his 'No Dope On Sundays' is CyHi's big moment in the spotlight. That doesn't mean the puppies will go easy on him, though. Watch through to see CyHi get grilled about his famous friends, trap rappers, and that time he dated his high school teacher.


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Hounded is the interview series with a twist—cute puppies are asking the questions and although the puppies are soft, the questions are not.