Hiking with Rappers

Season 2

October 11, 2022

Big Steppa Flo Milli Schools Keraun on Tent Building and Rides the Zip-Line | Hiking With Rappers

Big Steppa Flo Milli heads out to hike with Complex's King Keraun, and talks candidly about how her family taught her to handle school bullies and how to channel that spirit into her music. Flo shows Keraun how her determination and drive are not just reserved for her art, she can handle any challenge he presents.


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Hiking with Rappers
When you think hiking you think of a mellow workout in a serene landscape, but when you go hiking with rappers, expect the unexpected! On season 1 of Complex’s new show Hiking With Rappers, comedian King Keraun hits the trails with celebrities such as Rick Ross, Quavo, Coi Leray, Fat Joe, Big Sean, and Lil’ Kim. Watch as he embarks on a one-of-a-kind adventure with your favorite rappers. Enjoy new episodes every Thursday at 10AM/ET only on Complex.
  • Seasons: 2