Good Looking Out

Season 2

November 06, 2018

Ray J & Baron Davis Catch Heat From Two App Developers | Good Looking Out

Two overly confident app developers pitch their social networking idea to startup guru Everette Taylor, marketing exec Ray J, and serial investor and former NBA All-Star Baron Davis. Watch as host Karen Civil and her guest judges school the entrepreneurs on what they need to break out in the tech world. Then, Ray J and Baron stick around to give concrete advice on cryptocurrency, what entrepreneurs need before they pitch their business, and how startups can make themselves attractive to potential investors.


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Good Looking Out
Good Looking Out is back with a new season and new hosts - Natasha Martinez and Ray-J! Watch as they team up with a group of experts in fashion, food, music and technology to reveal the secrets of success. They touch bases with a group of thriving entrepreneurs and provide tools for them to propel their businesses.
  • Seasons: 3