Complex World

October 01, 2021

Collab Crib: Atlanta’s Black Influencers Takeover TikTok

In this episode of Complex World, we profile a whole new kind of American Dream. Collab Crib is an Atlanta Tik Tok house where a group of young Black influencers live and work together to build their personal and collective brands — and hope to become rich and famous. The meteoric rise to fame and economic prosperity of mainstream content creator houses like Hype House and Sway house hasn’t been as easy for the influencers at the Collab Crib. From content suppression and discrimination, to straight up theft of trends and original content, Black influencers face an uphill battle to carve out their own path to success and the recognition they feel they deserve. Nevertheless, the Collab Crib roommates and other Black/BIPOC influencers around the country are fighting for equitable payouts, support and acknowledgement. They see a future where they can create a safe space and community, ensuring that they will be fairly compensated for their intellectual property, further the genius of their craft and earn the kind of money that will secure generational wealth and stability for years to come. Meet the members of Collab Crib: Keith Dorsey @younggunsceo, Robert Dean III, @Robiiiworld, Kaychelle Dabney @kaychelled, Kaelyn Kastle @kaelynkastle, Theo Wisseh @theowisseh_, Khamyra Sykes @queenkhammyra, Oneil Rowe @koolasoneil, Noah Webster @noahmadesmk1, Cameron Lee @itstokyohoe, Maddox Dedeaux @iammaddix and Tracy Billingsley II @traybills.


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