Season 4

December 17, 2019

How to Make a Modern Day Rap Hit | ComplexCon(versations)

The sonic architects behind mega hits by the likes of Travis Scott, Future, and Jay-Z come together for a candid conversation about their craft. What does it take to craft a rap song that tops the charts? How do they make the perfect drums? Where do they draw their inspiration from? If you’re an aspiring producer looking to glean some game on how to make it and stay true, this will be a master class. 


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Complex welcomes the most influential minds in fashion, art, music, sneakers and beyond in a series of lively panel discussions on the topics most relevant to today's youth. This series examines a deeper understanding of each other, our culture, and the passions that inspire us. Watch Season 3 and be ready for Season 4, with episodes dropping everyday at 2P EST.
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