A Day in the Life

Season 1

April 14, 2022

Baby Tate Jets Across L.A with Complex | Day In The Life

Baby Tate plays a lot but works even harder. Flying in from Atlanta to Los Angeles for a press day, Baby Take brings Complex’s Claire Ateku along for the ride. Starting the day with an ASMR session, Baby Tate and Claire jet across Los Angeles with a quick stop at Saks in Beverly Hills and ending the day at Harun Coffee Shop in Leimert Park for an exclusive show, where she performed for the first time with a live band. Along the way, she explained Atlanta vs LA bougie, shared AirFryer life hacks and what to expect on her next project “Mani Pedi.” Check out the video above and see just how she’s solidifying her identity in the industry as a rapper, singer and fashion icon.


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A Day in the Life
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