In episode six of our 16-part Complex Conversations series that took place at our first annual ComplexCon, we shine a light on streetwear with a panel discussion titled, “Thread Trajectory: Future of Streetwear,” hosted by Complex’s own Karizza Sanchez.

Panelists include Bobby Hundreds (The Hundreds), Jeff Staple (Staple Design), Rob Garcia (En Noir), Chris Gibbs (Union LA), and designer Vashtie, who discuss how they feel about the changing landscape of streetwear.

“We all kind of came up in a time before this time where you had to go find it on a hunt. And now the hunt is digital. It’s a lot easier,” Gibbs says.

“Now you have high fashion seeping into streetwear, and streetwear seeping into high fashion. The lines have gotten... if we had this conversation a year ago I would say blurred,” Gibbs continues. “They don’t exist anymore. Which is dope.”

The panel of industry insiders also talk about what it means for streetwear to go mainstream, as well as share advice for aspiring creatives looking to make their mark in the industry.

Check out our latest episode of Complex Conversations above, and for more episodes on wrestling going mainstream, the rap music generation gap, sneakers, the business of weed, and more, visit here. Also keep it locked to Complex for more panel discussions as we roll out the rest of the series.