One of the most highly anticipated ComplexCon(versations) of ComplexCon 2018 was without a doubt the Women Behind the Lens panel, which featured modern-day legends like writer-producer Lena Waithe (The Chi, Boomerang), Issa Rae (creator and star of HBO's Insecure), Yara Shahidi (star of ABC's black-ish and the spin-off grown-ish on Freeform), Nadeska Alexis (producer and moderator of Complex's Everyday Struggle), and Karena Evans (the video director behind every visual from Drake's Scorpion) discussing what it's like being a creative woman in today's world. The conversation was moderated by the one and only Jemele Hill (formerly of ESPN, now calling The Atlantic home).

"I want to be respected equally across the board," said Alexis, echoing a sentiment many women in the industry have held, although Shahidi let it be known that things were set to change: "The sociopolitical culture doesn’t necessarily align in any way with the creative culture."

Waithe was a bit blunter: "Dudes are just scared now, so we get to kinda use that to our benefit a little bit." Big facts.

Their discussion veered in many directions, touching on everything from how women navigate the industry to the hurdles they face in doing so. The panelists also made sure to discuss some of the advice they were given while coming up (both good and bad), as well as ways they deal with the stress and frustration of their occupations.

Check out the full video of their ComplexCon(versation) up above.