If you attended ComplexCon 2017 or caught our ComplexCon(versations) panels from the two-day event, you witnessed a number of notable figures in different industries discuss their paths to success, but arguably none of them have a bigger personality than LaVar Ball.

Father of LonzoLiAngelo, and LaMelo, and Big Baller Brand founder, LaVar has become a highlight reel of quotables every time there's a microphone in front of him, and he's backed up the talk with unexpected moves that have benefited his family. LaVar's vision was on full display when Complex Networks CEO Rich Antoniello hosted a one-on-one panel with Father Ball at ComplexCon, where he opened up about a number of business ventures the family has pursued.

One of them is the Facebook reality show, Ball in the Family. "We could have did something with TV. But who the hell is watching TV these days? Everybody on they phone. And they thought I was crazy when I went with Facebook," he said. "Facebook got billions of viewers. And it's easy for people to take a phone out they pocket and get to watching my show."

Later, LaVar shared why he believes Big Baller Brand will one day jump over the Jumpman in terms of branding and profit. "Everybody looks up to Michael Jordan, but if Michael Jordan was like me he'd really be rich. He been working for a long time for Nike... Michael Jordan ain't like me, 'cause he's co-branding with Nike," he explained. "When he put his shoe out, if Nike say, 'You know what, have that Jumpman here but put my Nike sign, matter fact, put your Jumpman behind and put my Nike in front.' You know what he gotta do? 'OK.'"

LaVar also talked about his vision that all three of his sons will one day play for the Lakers, and how Lonzo could be bigger than Kobe Bryant. Watch the full Disruptors panel above and check out previous ComplexCon(versations)​ here.