Philando Castile's Mom Lashes Out After Verdict: 'F*ck the Police'

Valerie Castile released an emotional video following shortly after Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted on all charges relating to her son's death.

Shortly after the verdict in the Philando Castile case was announced, the victim’s mother unleashed an emotional response on social media—expressing the pain of having lost her son as well as the injustices plaguing the black community. 

“I’m sure y’all seen this bullshit that happened today. Fuck what they talking about!” Valerie Castile said in the Facebook video. “I’ve been holding myself, trying to be strong, and not say the wrong things because I already know how they get down. I’m 61 years old. I’ve seen it, I’ve smelled it, I’ve heard it. Now you see exactly what these motherfuckers think about us. They murdered my motherfucking son with his seat belt on. So what does that say to you?”

Hours before the video went up, a Minnesota jury found former police officer Jeronimo Yanez not guilty on all charges relating to the fatal shooting of Philando. Yanez was facing charges of second-degree manslaughter as well as two counts of reckless discharge of a firearm.

“Now they got free reign to keep killing us any kind of way they want to. So I just want to say one thing to everybody out there: I don’t give a fuck what you do! Do what your heart desires because that shit wasn’t right!,” she said. “And I’m here to say that and fuck the police! Say whatever the fuck you want to say! […] I don’t give no fuck no more! This shit is crazy!”

A week prior to the verdict, Yanez gave his account of the events that took place leading up to Philando’s death. He told the court he had pulled Philando over as he was driving with his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, and her 4-year-old daughter. Yanez said the made the traffic stop matched the description of a robbery suspect. After Yanez approached the car, Philando informed the officer he was armed, but had a license to carry. Yanez claimed Philando disregarded his demands and began reaching for the firearm.

“I was scared to death. I thought I was going to die. My family popped into my head. My wife. My baby girl,” he said. “I was forced to engage Mr. Castile. I did not want to shoot Mr. Castile. Those were not my intentions."

Philando was shot seven times. He was declared dead 20 minutes after he was shot.

“‘Oh yeah—he was in fear for this life!’ Bull-motherfucking-shit! You shouldn’t be no police officer if you’re going to handle yourself in that manner,” Valerie said. “Do what you do! ‘Cause this shit going to keep on happening, and it’s going to be you one day in this fucked-up mother’s club with their children murdered by the motherfucking police!”

You can watch the full video here.

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