Americans, unsurprisingly, are currently estimated to have $1.64 trillion dollars of student debt combined. With a presidential election on the horizon, the topic of student debt—as always—is again rising to the top for many prospective voters as we look ahead to the next four years.

"For students that are looking for ways to offset debt, I think looking at scholarships first is extremely important," Nikhil Desai, a.k.a. @premednikhil, explains in the latest episode of Complex World. And while scholarships aren't a realistic fix-all for every student, Nikhil believes that many of the ones available are poorly marketed and thus overlooked by those who could possibly stand to benefit.

Meanwhile, Carmen Perez—a.k.a. @makerealcents—adds the benefit of informed hindsight. Carmen first started her social media efforts after being inspired to break down the "taboos" of financial planning discussions, particularly among young people. Often, she noted, they don't really know what they're signing up for with regards to loans and their potential effect on one's credit as the years start to stack up.

Catch the full new episode of Complex World, also featuring additional examples on how to tackle the very American problem of student debt, up top. Additionally, you'll get a look at how the 2020 presidential candidates—namely, the team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris—are aiming to address this issue.