Inspired by months of protest, Gen Z voices around the country are turning to political races at the local level as part of a larger united effort to bring about real change in the years to come.

One such voice is Chi Ossé, a third-generation Brooklynite and the son of the late Combat Jack. In the latest episode of Complex World, we take a look at Ossé's campaign for New York City Council's District 36. Speaking on the importance of local elections and his personal story on how he became inspired to start a campaign, Ossé pointed to the power of art in not only shaping the person he is, but also in shaping how younger voters view the political sphere.

"Music and fashion and culture in general plays a huge role in my life," Ossé said. "It created who I am and I'm also taking that to this race. You know, politics is theater and theater is art and everything that we're bringing to this campaign visually is with that intention."

The campaign uses the color red in its imagery, Ossé added, as a nod to the idea of a revolution.

"We have this passion to prove people wrong," he said of Gen Z at large, further praising them as a "generation of modern revolutionaries."

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