Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields joins Speedy Morman on the latest episode of Complex News Presents.

The 24-minute special includes updates on the maddening Flint water crisis, as well as a breakdown of the Michigan city's heartbreaking history dating back to its prosperous era as "the vehicle city" before massive GM layoffs in 1986.

Nowadays, as Flint native Claressa Shields explains, there's still a great "sense of pride" despite the city often being "counted out" due to circumstances its citizens can't control.

"Growing up in Flint is tough in itself," Shields explained. "We all go through things but I think the kids here in Flint have to go through a bit more. You know, people have death in families and stuff like that and they can get counseling. In Flint, they don't have no counseling for you. . . People don't know how much that affects children."

Speaking on the water crisis, Shields recalled the initial disbelief that rocked the community when news first started to break of the corruption that caused it all.

"At first I just was like, 'Is this real? What's going on?'" Shields said. "And then, finally, some tests got done on the water and it was proven that lead was in the water and that it was affecting babies and kids and teenagers' minds and [some] people had died from the water. . . It became reality and—I think for myself and for others—just trust issues. We were like, 'We don't trust the government, we don't trust whoever was supposed to fix this issue.'"

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