Founded in 2015, Juul Labs has established itself as the leading manufacturer of e-cigarettes with an assessed valuation of $38 billion. But as the company's popularity grew, so did its scrutiny.

Juul's rapid success has been widely associated with the rise of the vaping trend—specifically among young people. The e-cigarette maker has been accused of targeting youth with its selection of candy- and fruit-flavored pods, sparking so much concern that the Food and Drug Administration placed sales restrictions on Juul's flavored nicotine products. 

However, it's no secret that not everyone agrees on the dangers of Juul; in fact, some argue that the devices are a healthier alternative to traditional smoking and can even help people kick their tobacco addictions. Today, we explore the polarizing views on this issue in Juul: One Nation Under Pod, the latest installment of our Complex News Presents docuseries. The episode includes statistics, statements from Juul and tobacco researchers, as well as interviews with vaping advocates and teenage Juul users.