Weed gets a bad rap. Critics have long labeled the plant a “gateway drug” that will destroy lives, but cannabis connoisseurs could care less. Now, with several states currently allowing the consumption of marijuana in small amounts and pending legislations awaiting approval, the tide is slowly changing. In fact, weed is quickly becoming big—and legal—business.

During our first annual ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA, Complex brought together a panel of experts to blaze up and spark a lively discussion on “The Business of Weed” as part of our new 16-episode series, Complex Conversations. Moderated by Merry Jane Editor-in-Chief Noah Rubin, the panel included Wiz Khalifa and The Game, who both have weed dispensaries of their own, as well as Action Bronson, RiverRock Cannabis’ Los Arias and longtime cannabis advocate Dr. Dina. In between puffs, they discussed everything from Wiz smoking with his mama and The Game literally cutting up chronic on The Chronic CD to how hip-hop helped normalize weed and ways people of color can cash in on kush.

Check out episode 3 of Complex Conversations in the video above, and look out for more celebrities, activists, designers and musicians discussing the most pressing topics impacting youth culture each week.