We enjoy video games. As such, we enjoy video game conventions like E3, which wrapped up last week. And like many responsible video game fans, we also enjoy booth babes. When we're waiting to get our hands on a game, they help the time pass by allowing us to daydream about getting our hands on them.

This year, we spent a lot of E3 with our friend Chuck, a.k.a. "The White Humpty Hump." Chuck enjoys mustaches, plaids, and convincing girls to pose for pictures wearing metal horns. He also apparently likes looking like a pornographer who's in the middle of a terrible Austin Powers impression. For all those reasons, and many more, we asked Chuck to take as many pictures as possible with the lovely and in many cases surgically enhanced booth babes of E3. Here are the results of that request. Sure, we understand that you didn't ask us for a guy with a mustache making the same weird face in every picture—just ignore him if you can. We dare you.
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