There was a time, back in the late 70s and early 80s, when spellchecking software only worked with word processing programs. These programs held a finite database of words that it would use to check against the words typed by the user. Back then, the software would only tell you if you spelled a word incorrectly. It didn't suggest to you the correct word to use instead. 

Times have changed. These days, every bit of software has spellcheck built in. Word processors, Internet browsers, instant messaging software, and mobile and desktop operating systems. That said, you would think the amount of spelling errors made by people using computers and smartphones would decrease, right?

Not so. According to a BBC report yesterday, a survey given out by Mencap showed that a third of the 2,000 people polled could not spell "definitely". Two-thirds couldn't spell "necessary". When asked how many of them rely on spellcheck, two-thirds replied that they do, with only 9% saying they never use it. 

Sound crazy? Go on Twitter. Despite using computers or smartphones to post tweets, the micro-blogging network is ablaze with ridiculous spelling errors. Some are so wild and crazy it seems as if the tweeter meant to spell the word incorrectly. Some of what you're about to read is ridiculous, some of it is sad, but all of it is funny. Just remember, spellcheck is your friend.

To create this list, we combed through sites like and and compiled the most ridiculous errors for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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