Pocket PCs, portable messaging communicators, aerodynamic audio equipment—these are just a few of the many awesome gadgets that signified the 90s. It was a time when companies like Sony were still dominating the home entertainment market, and Motorola was the one ushering in the new wave of mobile devices, while Apple was laying the groundwork for the modern laptop. We experienced two major gaming console wars, welcomed the birth of the digital camera, and even embraced an electronic pet that we nurtured (and neglected) throughout elementary and middle school. You know exactly which one we’re talking about. All in all: the 90s were a tech trip. 

As we reflect on the decade's most striking tech achievements, we’re inviting you along for the ride to revisit the hottest and most popular gizmos of the Nineties. Take a trip down memory lane as we rank the 90 Greatest Gadgets of the 90s

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