Valentino is taking cues from Kanye West for the launch of a new capsule collection. The Italian fashion house has partnered with artist and Yeezy collaborator Vanessa Beecroft to stage a performance piece in honor of its "Rockstud Untitled" collection, a line of unisex pieces that feature gold stud detailing along the seams. 

Beecroft's piece involves 25 performers, including actress Emily Mortimer and her husband Alessandro Nivola, along with models scouted through a street casting. The "human formation" was staged earlier this month at the New York Academy of Art, where it was photographed and filmed. The images and video will be on display at installations at select Valentino stores and Bergdorf Goodman.

"I have never worked on a unisex concept because my work focuses on sex distinction. I work with groups of women, groups that can look identical from a distance, but that are formed by different identities, different women dressed the same. Like something military," Beecroft told WWD. "This is an ultimate dream of mine. It was a challenge to work in such a short time on a relatively casual project without looking like an imitation of myself."

Beecroft is best-known for her work highlighting the female form. She has previously worked with Louis Vuitton, and teamed up with West for all three of his Yeezy presentations. The Valentino installation will open today at Bergdorf Goodman stores and will be on display until May 19.