Kanye West closed out Bonnaroo last night, and it was definitely a performance that won't be forgotten by anyone blessed enough to attend. Luckily, the Complex News crew is down in Tennessee interviewing artists and chasing every and all stories to come out of the music festival. They were on hand to witness Yeezy's set and were deep enough in the pit to snap off these photos that provide a great look at Ye's perfomance alphet. 

The shoes look like they're the futuristic Maison Martin Margiela sneakers that Ye's worn before, including a custom pair for the Yeezus Tour. The omnipresent thick gold links are there, hanging over a dark tie-dye or even marble pattern tank top, as seen in a 'Gram Kim K popped off later in the night. The rest of the outfit—which included a mask at one point—is all-distressed-denim-everything, with the jeans stacking over the Margielas and the torn-up jacket cropped enough for the tank to reverse layer like Yeezy prefers.

There wasn't any distressed denim in sight at the presentation of the second Kanye x A.P.C. collaboration back in January, so these threads probably aren't from that line-up. Yeezy's denim collection is definitely heavy on the ripped-up end of the spectrum, so there is the thought that if he were to create some denim product, it would sport the tendencies of what he's currently feeling. Or Ye is simply rocking some torn-up gear that was already sitting in his closet. Regardless, the Kanye West x adidas date looms ever closer, and the nearer it comes, the higher the chances are of getting a glimpse of this collaboration at a high-profile event like a performance at a giant music festival. 

Photos by Davy Gomez and Sean Stout.