When experiencing a building, we have to move around it to get the architecture's full impact. With a new series of GIFs called "Architecture Animée," French architect Axel de Stampa is changing our perceptions of iconic constructions.

Taking buildings by Herzog & de MeuronMADMVRDV, and others, de Stampa breaks apart the designs and animates individual pieces to highlight different aspects of well known structures. In his series, the New Museum's floors slide back and forth and the Memory Museum spins on its foundation.

"'Architecture Animée' looks into the concept of motion in architecture," De Stampa told Dezeen. "By using GIF format, buildings come alive and reveal their true natures."

The playful visual project was part of 1week1project, an initiative with one de Stampa's former classmates to produce 52 architecture projects in one year.

Mirador Building by MVRDV and Blanca Lleo

Emerson College Los Angeles by Morphosis

Theatre Agora by UNStudio

Memory Museum by Estudio America

New Museum by SANAA

Absolute Towers by MAD 

Vitrahaus by Herzog & de Meuron

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[via Dezeen]