Japanese contemporary clothiers nanamica collaborates once again with outdoor lifestyle company The North Face Purple Label to create this stunning 65/35 down jacket and graphic tee for the winter season.

Continuing the "Roots of Life" color-themed photo book series produced by nanamica, the focus for the campaign this time is "Yellow" with all imagery revolving around the sun. Designer Eiichiro Homma wanted to capture the essence of these elements of natural life and beauty, with past iterations including "Blue" (South Pole), "Sand" (Namibian Desert), "Green" (The Amazon), "Red" (Volcanos), "Black" (Deep Sea) and "White" (Water).

Besides the picture book, the real shit to focus on is a special jacket collaboration with The North Face Purple Label and graphic tee. The 65/35 Mountain Short Down Parka features a bright-as-the-sun yellow exterior and exclusive inner branding label, while the graphic tee presents a boxed image of an eclipsed sun with clean promotional text. Both items will be sold as sets with the picture book at nanamica stores in Japan.

The jacket holds a retail price of $587 while the tee is priced at $59. Their release date is slated for November 23 with a special movie presentation at The North Face Standard Store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

[via nanamica]