Even if the promotional campaign for the new Arcade Fire album Reflektor might be ruining some people’s lives, we’re excited to see the reappearance of one of our favorite performance projects in the band’s new video: Gustav Troger’s Mirrormanliving sculpture” makes appearances throughout the clip. Watch it above.

People have been long mystified by the appearance of the “mirror man” across the world. Troger will show up at various locations in his suit, chosen for their historical or artistic significance (read: where there will be a crowd) and kind of simply hang out. It makes sense to have him in this video about “being trapped in a prism.” Troger first created the mirror suit in 2008, referencing and based on the felt suit constructions of Joseph Beuys. Since then, the German artist has been appearing in and “animating” the Mirrorman as a living sculpture. In fact, the reflections create a sort of negative space, something the artist calls “animated void,” perfect for themes of the Arcade Fire song. 

Read and see more about the "passionate geometry" of Mirrorman here.

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[via Mirrorman]