We all know Skrillex as the guy who brought dubstep WOMP WOMPs into houses everywhere and sadness to many mothers who wanted a quiet home. Well, the DJ has bought a house of his own, an 11,000-square-foot building in Los Angeles' Chinatown. He plans to convert the space into a studio for "in-the-box producers" (think traveling laptop musicians) who need a space to jam out.

The hub is gaining comparisons to Andy Warhol’s Factory in the way that it hopes to foster a creative community. “We have our own team and our label’s going to be in there, building an actual physical infrastructure,” Skrillex said in an interview. “Up until a couple months ago my team was all over the world, and everything was by email, but I think people tend to forget that when everyone’s in the same room, everything goes 50 times faster. Ideas keep pouring out, and you get a lot more done.”

[via Spin]