In Chris Rock's episode of Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma, the legendary comedian shares a story about the time Michael Jordan hosted Saturday Night Live back in 1991.

During one of the pre-show breaks, Rock and a few other cast members were going to grab some McDonald's. MJ was initially down too, and then something happened that completely turned him off from joining in. "At one point it was me, [Chris] Farley, [Adam] Sandler, and [David] Spade were gonna go to McDonald's," Rock recalls. "Jordan was about to come with us. I think we got to the elevator and somebody said something and he was like, ‘I can’t go guys.’"

To get a better picture of just how big MJ was at that time, Rock reveals the Chicago Bulls legend had a cop posted outside of his dressing room to ward off cast members from bugging him. “He was the biggest star that had ever done the show… like we have famous people on every week. The cast is just used to famous people. Nobody asked for autographs or anything. But everybody (wanted his). It got to the point they had to put a police man outside Michael Jordan’s dressing room for the cast.”

Still, Rock explains the experience of having Jordan around was incredible. "It was cool we got to hang out with him the whole week and he was funny in his sketches, but I felt sorry for him. I used to hang out with Eddie Murphy, I’ve been around Michael Jackson, but this was even different from Michael Jackson it was just like, what the hell? Because he was at the height of his power. It was like hanging around Ironman or something."

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