Ben Affleck's new, massive phoenix tattoo has been called "awful" by ex-girlfriend Jennifer LopezJennifer Garner ripped her ex-husband's new ink in a recent Vanity Fair interview. Clearly, no one not many people are a fan of Affleck's back piece, but the 43-year-old actor should have no fear because the Phoenix Suns are here to help? 

Earlier today, the Suns reached out to Affleck on Twitter, offering up their two cents on what he should've done if he really wanted to get a tattoo of a gigantic phoenix on his back. 

Seriously, though, why are the Suns even jumping into this conversation? This feels like that TRL/Ja Rule thing all over again. "Have you seen Ben's new back tat? Man, I wonder what the Suns think about it?" That has never, ever, ever been a thought that crossed our minds. 

Hey Suns, you're 15-45. You've definitely got more important things to be worried about.

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