In the past, we've seen some sports fans do some really insane things at sporting events, but over the weekend, a group of them took things to a dangerous level during a soccer match in Spain.

According to local reports, a 24-year-old player named Samuel G.P. of Alhaurin de la Torre was choked and then stabbed by a group of fans who rushed the field following a match. The fans initially grabbed Samuel by the neck and attempted to strangle him. But when that didn’t work, someone stabbed him twice in the chest, hitting his sternum and his heart. An assistant coach who attempted to help him was also stabbed in the leg during the incident.

Fortunately, it sounds like Samuel is doing OK despite what happened. He did have to undergo open heart surgery as a result of the injuries that he suffered, but his surgery was a success and he’s already recovering. According to his team’s president, he’s even talking about getting back out on to the field. The team president also offered up this quote when he was asked to describe what happened to Samuel.

“Soccer is crazy,” he said. “It is going crazy.”

Uh, ya think? Police are now investigating the stabbing.

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