Way back in 2011, Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews filed a $75 million lawsuit against a man named Michael David Barrett who secretly videotaped her in the nude through a peephole at a Marriott hotel in Tennessee as well as the Marriott itself. In recent weeks, Andrews and others involved in the lawsuit have been called to testify in front of a jury, and today, that jury announced a decision with regards to Andrews’ lawsuit.

Andrews has been awarded $55 million of the $75 million that she originally sought in the lawsuit. Barrett is going to be responsible for $28 million of it, and the Marriott and West End Hotel Partners, the company that owns the Marriott that Andrews was videotaped at, are going to be responsible for the other $26 million of it.

Andrews reacted to the ruling by posting this statement on Twitter a short time ago:

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[via Sports Illustrated]