Even though Kobe Bryant has spent more than half his career playing without Shaquille O’Neal by his side, the two players will always be connected. People will wonder “What if…?” with regards to both players for years to come. As in, “What if they had been able to coexist for a longer period of time?” The thought is that they could have won more titles together than they eventually did apart once they split up.

After the Lakers lost to the Bulls last night, Kobe was asked why he didn’t do more to try and salvage his relationship with Shaq. And according to ESPN reporter Baxter Holmes, he gave a pretty interesting answer. It seems there was just no way Kobe was going to let the media portray him as Shaq’s sidekick once his career was over:

Classic Kobe answer. You can watch him talk about his relationship with Shaq starting at the 5:20 mark here:

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