Being an NFL analyst is not easy. In fact, one could argue that predicting which college players are going to become successful at the NFL level is the hardest of any sport. Unfortunately, when you put an opinion on Twitter that turns out to be horribly wrong, especially when the player you whiffed on is balling out in the NFC Championship, the Internet does what it's best at: shaming you publicly. 

That's exactly what has been happening tonight on twitter dot com as Cam Newton has guided the Carolina Panthers to a 24-7 lead over the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship, with Newton's play spurring users to find old tweets from people like Skip Bayless, Pete Prisco and Matt Miller doubting Cam Newton's success. Here's just a few examples of old tweets that have been reappearing on the timeline:

Oof. Christian Ponder? Josh Freeman? Those are tough tweets. 

Granted, they are also from five or six years ago. Miller, an NFL writer for Bleacher Report, fired back once he got wind of his old tweets being thrust back on to the Web. 

The Internet is ruthless, example 12138485954.

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