At some point in the future, Nick Young and Iggy Azalea are probably going to get married. They bought a house together late last year and, at the time, Young revealed that the couple—who have been dating for more than a year now—were "getting really close" and that they had discussed the idea of marriage.

Before they tie the knot, though, Young wants to make sure Iggy is the right girl for him. So during a recent interview with Flaunt, he said that he's putting her through a "12 step program." He didn't reveal what all 12 steps are. But he did say that Iggy has made it through these two steps:

1.) She cooks for him. I ask what, and when he replies that she made a mean pork chop sandwich; I begin to suspect that Swaggy’s not the toughest grader.

2.) When the bedroom got messy and he got annoyed, he would go to practice and come back to a clean house.

Sounds…well, kinda weird. But Swaggy did say that Iggy is "doing pretty good" with the program, so maybe they'll be married before we know it? Stay tuned.

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[via Flaunt]