Back in 2012, Dwyane Wade banned Gabrielle Union from sitting courtside during Heat games. Reason being, Gabby was spending entire games heckling referees, opposing players, and, most importantly, him. So he asked her to start staying home.

That ban has seemingly been lifted now that the two are married. But D-Wade might want to think about putting it back into effect after what happened last night. Following a win over the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, Gabby videobombed Wade during a post-game interview. And while she started off by dishing out a couple of compliments, she followed them up by saying, "We're going to talk about the free throws later," alluding to the fact that Wade only made five of nine free throws during the game. And then, she ended things by saying that Wade "did good for an old geezer."

Funny stuff. Check out Gabby's videobomb in the clip above. It's nice to see that the Heat are carrying on the videobombing tradition, even though LeBron James isn't in the picture anymore.

[via Jocks and Stiletto Jill]