Anyone who has traveled to India can tell you that drivers in that region like to honk their horns – a lot, and at all hours of the day. The problem is rooted in the terrible traffic jams that clog up many of India’s largest cities, especially Mumbai. But residents in Mumbai aren’t taking this sort of thing lying down (unless their trying to sleep but can’t since there are so many horns).

A few propositions to fight the incessant honking have been filed. One strategy, dubbed Project Bleep, uses an interior beeping to alert and dissuade drivers from laying on the horn. Another system, called the Oren Horn Usage Meter, allows drivers an allotted number of honks before the car’s hazard lights begin flashing. Police could then ticket those drivers – or any cautious motorist with their hazards on – for overuse of their horn.  Drivers can then refill their “honk allowance” using a credit card.

We can think of a few million semi- or fully-automatic reasons why we don’t quite have that problem in this country.

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[via Autoblog]