Oh my gosh, you guys. Did you hear how much money Floyd Mayweather Jr. just bet on the Broncos in the Super Bowl? No, really, did you hear?

We don't know if you're ready for this. But according to the Vegas Gambling Steam Twitter handle—which may or may not be bluffing—Money May put up an unbelievable…well, just see for yourself:

Ten million dollars? TEN MILLION DOLLARS!

Um, yeah. We're not so sure about that (and for what it's worth, at least one site has already debunked the rumor). Mayweather has made some really ridiculous bets in the past. But this just seems excessive. And we wouldn't be surprised at all if this turns out to be little more than a rumor, just like that "Floyd Mayweather bet $5.9 million on the Heat!" rumor that started last summer.

Mayweather is stupid with his money sometimes. But he's not stupid enough to bet $10 million on a single NFL game, right? Errr…Instagram the ticket so we know it's real, Floyd!

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[via Black Sports Online]