Kobe's back. Which means Nick Young will be relegated as Iggy Azalea's full-time weed carrier. We ain't mad at him. We would want to be him right now, trust. As the West continues to flourish, the East continues to be dead to the rest of the planet; it's just the Heat and the Pacers over there. The NFL playoffs are right around the corner, and things are getting interesting. Rob Gronkowski is out for the rest of the season with a torn ACL, and the Broncos lost a couple games in not-so-great fashion. But back to the NBA. The Raptors officially gave up on the season by trading Rudy Gay and shopping Kyle Lowry around. #TankforWiggins in full effect. And Stephen Curry gets buckets. Please recognize before he lights your favorite team up. Check out the Funniest Sports Memes of the Week.

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