Pulling something behind your vehicle is its own entirely different animal, when it comes to driving. Everything you think you knew about driving a car, truck or SUV change. Your turning, your blind spots, your stopping distance, you accelartion, everything. So, when we found a large collection of ridiculously horrible towing fails, we really weren't too surprised. It's a difficult task. However, the fail meme goes beyond not having the required skills. It heavily dips into the pool of people that are really just too stupid to be allowed to drive. 

Just remember, the next time somebody asks you to take care of driving the boat to the lake, take a second, think about these photos, and don't give it the casual "yeah, I can handle it" response. This is some serious acommodation that you need to get used to pulling around a few thousand pounds behind you, and you're putting yourself and everybody else on the road in danger, if you don't practice. These are Towing Fails That Reconfirm the Road Is Probably the Least Safe Place on the Planet

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