Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams didn't appreciate what NFL umpire Roy Ellison reportedly said to him during a game against the Eagles on Sunday. According to Williams, Ellison approached him after a play and referred to him as a "garbage-ass, disrespectful motherfucker." Tough talk from an umpire of all people, eh?

Well, apparently, the NFL didn't appreciate what Ellison said, either. So they just handed him a one game suspension—without pay—for what he said:

Williams also just denied that he provoked Ellison to curse him out by hurling a racial slur in his direction.

"If I ever said anything like that to a ref," he said, "and he feels that strongly about the word, that's at least an unsportsmanlike [penalty]. Definitely wouldn't warrant a tongue-lashing from a guy that's supposed to be the only neutral person on the field."

Good point. Hopefully Ellison learns his lesson and doesn't talk trash to any other players moving forward.

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[via Eye on Football]