In sports the difference between a team or player being a champion can be as small as one misstep or dropped pass. Franchises, players, and referees have altered both their own and the histories of others by one bad decision or bad call. What would Mike Tyson's boxing legacy be like if he hadn't gone to prison for rape? What would Len Bias have done for the Celtics if he didn't die just a day after the 1986 NBA Draft? What if Drew Bledsoe never got hurt?

In light of these questions, we've created a list of the most polarizing stories that could have been and run through how we think it would have went down based on what we know now. These "What Ifs" have come from draft decisions, bad calls from the refs, substance abuse and the injury bug with players, and even a couple premature retirements. Enjoy, The Biggest "What Ifs" in Sports History.

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