Years active in the WWE: 1991-1997

Psycho Sid Vicious (a.k.a. Sidney Eudy) appeared in a bodybuilding contest at the age of 51. You may think it was a midlife crisis but (with the exception of his quads) he was looking pretty sliced

Another event of note occurred last year when Eudy no-showed an event in a New Jersey independent league. He backed out at the last second so the promoter of the event gave Sid's phone number to the 700 disappointed in attendance and encouraged them to voice their displeasure to the washed up icon personally via an annoying voicemail.

According to his son Gunnar, Sid was recently hospitalized for several days with "heart problems." His other son (Frank) was a cast member on Big Brother 14. He came in seventh place but was voted "America's Favorite Houseguest" and won $25,000.