With the drama surrounding Aaron Hernandez stealing all the headlines, Tebowmania has remained pretty quiet. And thanks to Hernandez, Tim Tebow may not make the 53-man roster of the New England Patriots. Oh, we're not blaming Hernandez just for the sake of blaming him either. The truth of the matter is that the tight end position is already thin with Hernandez gone and Rob Gronkowski still recovering from his multiple surgeries. Then, the Pats may need to replace Alfonzo Dennard as well following his DUI arrest.

Since so much attention needs to be paid on supplementing these other positions, the Patriots may need to roll with only one other quarterback. After all that the Pats have invested in Ryan Mallett, it's very unlikely that he would be the odd man out. He's young and more promising. So, Tebow may be heading out the door very soon. You can't see it but we're Tebowing in his honor.   

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[via ESPN Boston]