Tonight, in his hometown of Montreal, Georges St-Pierre will take on Stockton badboy Nick Diaz.  The event will mark GSP’s eighth-straight title defense, and a shot to stay undefeated for six years running. On the surface the build-up to this UFC 158 is a promoter’s dream, but after spending just a few minutes talking to the welterweight champion, it seems like St-Pierre will let his fists do the talking on Saturday. The prologue for this clash dates back to 2011, when Diaz called out GSP just moments after beating BJ Penn. Already once scheduled, and cancelled, this fight in many eyes has been a long time coming. Hype it as much as you want, and promoters have been ever since it was announced, just don’t be shocked if this goes the way of so many GSP fights before it.

There were some sparks during the UFC 158 press conference on Thursday. Diaz spent most of his time accusing GSP of spreading his bull***t around, and coming up with a laundry list of excuses for missing a pre-press conference earlier in the week. Something about lost passports and getting rid of "toxic water" from the airplane. Whatever you say, Nick. GSP did all he could to defuse any sort of storyline outside of the fight itself, deflecting Diaz' comments and stating he didn't even want to be in that situation. Get a look inside the Montreal native's head before his latest challenge. Let us know if you think his mind is in a "dark place."

Interview by Adam Silvers (@silversurfer103)

You’re seeking your eighth straight title defense and you haven’t lost a fight in six years, do you ever take a moment to step back and just say "wow?"

No, I only focus on the present moment.

“You have no idea how dark I am in my head sometimes.” Can you tell us what you meant by that?

I don’t know. They took a line that I probably said two years ago and put it in the promo. They were probably asking me [at the time] when someone had insulted me, ‘Is that a part of you?’ I probably said I’m dark in my head, or something like that. I try to be a nice guy, sometimes I’m dark in my head. I don’t know, I have no idea.


No, I’m staying authentic to who I am.


Canadians are typically cast as pretty quiet and timid, yet this profession it the complete opposite. Has this had any affect on your career/philosophy?

No, I’m staying authentic to who I am.

How did you feel when Nick Diaz called you out at UFC 137, using some rather choice words, literally moments after beating BJ Penn?

Well, it’s the fight that I wanted and I’m happy because it’s going to happen.

Did Diaz literally stalk you around the hotel looking to fight?

I don’t know. I heard so, but I didn’t pay attention. I have no idea.

Do you feel disrespected by Nick Diaz? Is Nick Diaz a bully?

I don’t think Nick Diaz is a bad person, I just think he tries to play head games, maybe.

Nick Diaz is coming off a loss and a lengthy suspension, yet he has the honor of challenging your title. Do you think the only reason you got this fight was because you asked for it? Are there other, more deserving opponents?

No, I believe he’s the man for this situation. He’s a tough guy.

What do you make of your exchange with Diaz during that conference call last Thursday?

I don’t know, I couldn’t understand much of it. 

What do you make of Ben Henderson trying to call you out?

They want to make a pay-per-view, they want to make money. What can I say? He’s a very good fighter, but a lot of guys want to fight me. I cannot split myself in 10.

What is your goal long-term when you finally hang it up? What do you want to do after your fighting days?

To tell you the truth I have no idea. I haven’t thought about it right now.

Bell Centre, Montreal on Saturday night, your hometown, what do you expect from the crowd? How does that feed into your game?

It’s going to be good.

What do you expect from Diaz once you step in the ring Saturday night? How have you prepared? 

It’s going to be a good and fun fight. Hardcore training, hard sparring, great training partner. I’m ready to go.

People make a big deal that even though you’ve won, all five of your last fights have gone the distance. Will you be holding anything back?

No, I want to go for the finish as always.

What do you like to do when you’re not busting ass in the octagon?

Watching movies. The Matrix is pretty good.