As we told you yesterday, a man ran on to the court during the Heat/Cavaliers game in Cleveland on Wednesday night wearing a T-shirt that said "We Love You, LeBron" on it. We now know that that man is James Blair, the self-proclaimed "Biggest @KingJames Fan Ever!!!" according to his Twitter account. And, late last night, King James himself acknowledged Blair by following him on Twitter and responding to a tweet that he had sent to him earlier in the day. You might be surprised by what he had to say.

"Brave guy," LeBron? Ummm…Do you want other people to run out on to the court during Heat games to try and get at you? Something tells us LBJ might be getting a call from the Commissioner today. Because, we can't imagine that David Stern wants guys like LBJ giving props to court-stormers.

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[via Business Insider]