Last night, President Obama gave a speech in Newtown, CT to a group of Newtown residents about the tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. And, the speech just so happened to take place during the first quarter of the 49ers/Patriots Sunday Night Football game. So, when it started, NBC switched over to a live feed of the speech and skipped a few minutes of the game. Understandable, right? It was a really important speech.

It didn't sit well with some people out there, though, who were not happy when the President popped up on their screen. And, some of those people took to their Twitter accounts to reveal their unhappiness. A handful of them even unleashed some really, really racist tweets aimed at the President, which were then collected by Deadspin and put up as a post. And, the first one in the collection just so happened to be a tweet from a North Alabama football player named Bradley Patterson (peep the thumbs to see his tweet). It included the N-word and, well, it was a pretty disgusting show of emotion.

But, there was a happy ending to the story (for us, at least). The tweet earned Patterson a quick dismissal from the North Alabama team. Just a couple of hours after the tweet went up, North Alabama cut him from the team and described him as an "uninvited walk-on long snapper." Damn. But, you definitely deserved it, dude.

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[via Dr. Saturday]