Remember when the Internet went crazy after Amar'e Stoudemire lost his battle with that fire extinguisher following Game 2 of the Knicks' first round match-up against the Miami Heat? We sure do. In a recent interview with Artrell and Andy of FOX Sports Radio, Amar'e was asked about that infamous night and the star forward took the opportunity to clarify some misconceptions, as well as defending his actions.

“It wasn’t a punch at all actually. It was more like a slap against the wall, but I caught the edge of the fire extinguisher. Some people think I balled my fist up and punched through a glass fire extinguisher, which is totally opposite of the truth. It was more like a smack against the wall, kind of a backhand or a reach back slap across the wall and caught the edge of the fire extinguisher. I think a lot of people confused my passion with frustration. I’m such a passionate player. I want to win so bad to where sometimes I want to win, so I bring my passion and it gets confused with frustration.”

"I'm a passionate player"? That's the only excuse reason Amar'e could come up with when discussing the incident? While it would be a reach to say that STAT's absence was the catalyst in the Knicks getting bounced in the first round, Stoudemire's "passion" interfered with making the smart decision. So, more wise choices and less passionate moments next season. OK, Amar'e?    

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