Ladies and gentlemen, this is truly a complex ride. The concept is simple, but the final product leaves you a tangled mess of confusion, laughter, and disbelief. The Korean piece of exercise equipment, which is based on horse riding, beats the Shake Weight right off (err...) the podium as the most obviously sexual exercise equipment on the market.

Basically, the user has to thrust the air as he or she sits down on a bouncy seat, working the abs, thighs, glutes, calves and groin (because, as you seen in the video, everybody falls down in extreme agony trying to squat). The problem is that, for women, it looks like they are riding something completely different, and for men, the seat protrudes in a manner that it resembles a specific part of the male body. Anyway you look at it, this commercial is all types of wrong. 

[via YouTube]