If these two beer-drinking Pistons fans ended up sitting next to anyone except Delonte West last night, we wouldn't have thought this was half as funny as we did. And yet, there they were at the end of the third quarter, sitting at the end of the Mavericks bench and tipping a couple back while our boy D-West sipped on a tall cup of Gatorade and watched the action.

Wondering WTF is going on? So were we. Until we found out that apparently Detroit sells a few courtside VIP seats every game that are literally right next to both the home and away benches. So that's how these fellas wound up next to West. Still, it's pretty funny to see them there—and even funnier to hear the reaction of the Pistons announcers. We see you snickering over there, too, Vince Carter. Even when you don't try, Delonte, you are still one funny dude.

[via Busted Coverage]

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