Terrell Suggs must be bored this week. His Baltimore Ravens have a bye, so he spent yesterday morning hanging out with Skip Bayless & Co. on ESPN's First Take. And during the appearance, he was asked about Tim Tebow. No big deal, right? All he had to do was give Tebow a little credit for what he's been able to do this season, salute him, and keep it moving. Except that, well, that's not what he chose to do. Instead, the Ball So Hard University product decided to have a little fun and took the time to take a mean-spirited shot at Tebow, his religious beliefs, and God.

"With all due respect," Suggs said, "we don't need God on our sidelines. Once again God had to save Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. He couldn't even give them two drives? Seven to three? [Referring to the score the Denver Broncos lost by on Sunday]."

Annnnnnnd, there you have it! Yet another NFL player taking a shot at Tim Tebow. Thank God this will (hopefully!) be the last week we have to hear about dude. Because it's been a long season and we're not sure how much more we can take...

[via Shutdown Corner]

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