Today it isn't too uncommon to hear about former athletes who've fallen on hard times. In most cases, it's second-tier athletes who tried to keep up with the ballin' lifestyle well after their careers were over. However, what is surprising is the alarming rate at which world champion boxers who've earned seven, eight, and in some cases nine-figure salaries go broke. Whether it's greedy promoters, gold-digging groupies and wifeys, splurging on friends and family, or just reckless spending no other sport has seen more of its high-profile stars go from riches to rags than the sweet science.

Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield turns 49 today. And while most would figure he'd be enjoying retirement at that age with the estimated $250 million earned throughout his career, instead he continues to box most likely in an effort to battle the financial troubles he's faced after having to reportedly support 11 children from eight different women. Just last year his $10 million mansion was put into foreclosure. But Holyfield is far from the only fighter to get KO'd financially. From Iron Mike to Joe Louis, fighters have a long history of losing millions in a variety of different ways. So, today's flashy champions should take note (that's you Money Mayweather!), and check out the 10 Biggest Boxing Champs to Go Broke...

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