Allen Iverson's "O.G." Reebok Question Mids return this weekend and to mark the occasion, Sneaker News caught up with the 11-time All-Star and picked his brain on his sneaker legacy, how it felt to get his own signature shoe, and what went through his mind the first time he saw a kid wearing Questions in public.

"I remember the first time I saw a kid [wearing the Questions], I was in my car, I pulled over and watched him in the rear view mirror until he was out of sight," Iverson said of the young fan. "It was just the greatest feeling to see a kid with your shoes on."

Iverson says he grew up a sneakerhead and that getting his own shoe was something he'd always dreamed of. "I'm just overwhelmed with the fact that I had a signature shoe. It's actually 'my shoe,'" he said.

And when it comes to the mark his sneakers have left on the culture, A.I. says he's more concerned with the effort he put in while wearing his kicks than what they actually look like: "To hell with the style, how it looked, when I put my foot in this shoe, I gave everything that I had. Any one of my shoes that I had, you knew that night in, night out, I gave my teammates and my fans everything that I had."

You can read the full interview here. The "O.G." Reebok Question Mid hits stores tomorrow, February 12, for $140