Well this gives a whole new meaning to distance running.

This past Saturday morning, the US Coast Guard rescued a man 70 nautical miles away from shore who was attempting to run to Bermuda from Florida in a a plastic bubble called the "Hydro Pod." If that story isn't crazy enough, than here's the kicker: the man didn't want to be rescued and he plans on attempting the feat once again.

According to Runner's World, Reza Baluchi refused multiple requests from the Coast Guard that he abandon his trip. For the next four days his journey was monitored by the Coast Guard and ultimately was foiled when Baluchi accidentally signaled for help, to which he was then rescued by helicopter (see footage above). In total, Baluchi's planned trip would have covered 1,033 miles from Miami to Bermuda.

This wasn't Bulachi's first rodeo, as he is known for many extreme feats, running 11,720 miles around the perimeter of the U.S. to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Denver in 2007 among them. His attempt to reach the Bermuda Triangle in his Hyrdo Pod was in order to raise awareness and funds for Plant Unit, a non-profit founded by Baluchi. For those of you wondering, he planned on sleeping from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m, when the ocean waters are calmest, and planned on eating energy bars for nourishment.

"My goal is to finish the trip. It's like chasing a dream," Beluchi said.

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